Billy's Brain tells a story of a young child with a neurodivergent brain, and is written from the child's perspective about their own experiences.

Written by Tammie Lee, an #ActuallyAutistic adult, with the intention of educating children about neurodiversity (including ADHD and Autism), embracing differences, and accepting one and other as they are.

A book by
Tammie Lee

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My Story

My brain has always worked differently, and I always assumed that there was something “wrong” with me as to why I felt so different. I just got on with life, masked my struggles and would let it out when I got home. Think of a bottle of fizzy drink being shaken up all day, then taking the lid off at home. That was me.

Looking back on my childhood I struggled socially, and have experienced sensory difficulties and anxiety for as long as I can remember. Autism wasn’t as well known back then, and certainly for girls it is even harder to receive a diagnosis - which is a whole other story.

Fast forward to my early 30’s where after my two children are diagnosed, everything about my entire existence starts to make sense. I finally receive the diagnosis of being autistic myself.


Since affirming my own identify as an autistic woman I’ve never felt more “myself”. I run a successful company, have a supportive family and a handful of great friends, and am overall pretty happy! 


I wish for children to never grow up feeling as though they are not good enough, and I believe it is important to explain neurodiversity to all children from a young age, in language that is age appropriate, so that children never have a chance to feel as though there is something wrong with them.

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